Why Us?

You can buy most things online, so why not legal services? The James Legal shop gives you just that – the ability to buy legal services online. Why not browse through the shop, consider what you may need and purchase your desired service at a time convenient to you? With clear pricing and descriptions you can decide what you want whilst knowing exactly what it will cost you.

Clarity over what it will cost you

Concern over legal costs can often deter you from taking much needed legal advice and assistance. We believe that the old-fashioned model of solicitors’ charges does not always sit well with the modern, sophisticated legal services customer. That’s why we simply asked our clients what they wanted. Our clients wanted clear pricing and fixed price legal services. That’s why we’ve opened our legal shop.

Work done by experts

Our shop should not be confused with online legal document production websites. You simply choose what you want and our expert lawyers do the work for you. Online document production may seem cheaper, but let’s face it, you are paying to do the job yourself.

Who are we?

We are James Legal Solicitors. We offer fixed priced legal services through our shop, but we also do much, much more. Why not take a look at our main website for more information on our other services?

If you don’t find what you are looking for please call on 01482 48800 or email info@jameslegal.co.uk

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