Pre-action Letter and Statutory Demand to chase a debt


If a customer or supplier owes you money it is sometimes necessary to take serious action to recover the debt.

Product Description

Cash flow is the life blood of any business. If your suppliers or customers do not pay you on time, then in turn you cannot pay your outgoings. If this happens, your business can become seriously affected and it can threaten your livelihood.

The following work is included in this package:

1. Review the contractual documents provided
2. Letter to customer demanding repayment
3. Dealing with any reply to the demand letter
4. Advice on reply from debtor
5. Drafting and serving Statutory Demand
6. Dealing with payment and / or advising on optional next steps

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How to Buy

Select the service you require and add it to the shopping basket, then James Legal’s easy 3 step process will allow the necessary documents be drafted by a lawyer and returned to you. So just:
1. Make your payment.
2. Complete a few short questions which will help our lawyers better understand your needs.
3. Our team of expert lawyers will draft the initial pre-action letter and despatch it to you within 48 hours of your purchase.

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