Executive Employment Contract


An essential executive document to govern the relationship between Employer and Senior Employees.

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Product Description

Where the Employee is more senior it is usual to have more protection and clarification around the terms of an executives engagement. The document sets out employment rights, responsibilities and duties. It is a legal obligation for an employee to be given a written statement of employment terms within two months of starting work.

It is important that an employment contract is correctly drafted and up to date with current employment law. Our lawyer draft employment contracts include:

  • The employer’s details
  • The employee’s details
  • The start date
  • Job title
  • Brief description of the job
  • The place of work. UK and or abroad
  • Rate and method of pay. Bonus
  • Hours of work.
  • Reference to workplace guidelines and policies
  • Holiday entitlement.
  • Sickness absence.
  • Termination and notice period.
  • Post termination restrictions
  • Pension policy.
  • Benefits.
  • Grievance and disciplinary.
  • Confidentiality.
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How to Buy

Select the service you require and add it to the shopping basket, then James Legal’s easy 3 step process will allow your bespoke employment contract to be drafted by a lawyer and returned to you. So just:
1. Make your payment
2. Complete a few short questions which will help our lawyers better understand your needs.
3. Our team of expert lawyers will draft your employment contract and dispatch it to you within 48 hours of your purchase.

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